Solid Tumor Translational Oncology (Prof. Dr. Siveke)

West German Cancer Center

Our overarching goal is to find better diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for cancer patients by interacting preclinical and clinical research. By combining the best suitable model systems with advanced profiling technologies and therapeutics, we seek to identify novel aspects in tumor biology and create targeting strategies that can be developed for clinical evaluation.

Our laboratory efforts include

- the development and characterization of advanced tumor models (PDX, GEM, organoids) that best resemble the complexity and interaction of tumor cells and their microenvironment

- the implementation of molecular technologies for a better understanding of the tumor biology and clinical applicability (e.g. comprehensive and integrated -omics analysis, tissue and liquid biomarkers, metabolic and epigenetic mechanisms)

- Characterization and integration of epigenetic, metabolic and immune regulatory networks

Our clinical efforts are

- the development and initiation of early clinical proof-of-concept studies in solid cancers (e.g. pancreatic, biliary, gastroesophageal) in combination with state-of-the-art translational molecular and imaging programs

- biomarker-based and imaging studies for early detection of cancer and treatment response monitoring

- participation in multi-center clinical trials to offer patients access to promising new treatment approaches

We believe it is these translational approaches that will hopefully help to better understand the complexity of cancer and reduce the barriers and delays between bench work and patient needs.

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