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06.03.2024 bis 07.03.2024

TOM: State of the Art 2024 Thoracic Oncology Munich

Am 6. und 7. März 2024 findet das TOM State-of-the-Art 2024 statt. In den letzten Jahren stand eine intensive Diskussion der neuen Therapieoptionen beim Nicht-Kleinzelligen Lungenkarzinom mit ...

07.03.2024 bis 07.03.2024

Im Job bleiben – wie das Integrationsamt Krebserkrankte unterstützen kann

Der Krebsinformationsdienst lädt zur nächsten Online-Veranstaltung ein: „Im Job bleiben – wie das Integrationsamt Krebserkrankte unterstützen kann“ Die ...

12.03.2024 bis 12.03.2024

DKTK TechTalk: Advancing liquid biopsies for monitoring and personalized tumor patient treatment (Hedwig Deubzer/Christof Winter)

Testing for genetic alterations in tumor tissue allows clinicians to identify patients who most likely will benefit from molecular targeted treatment. So-called liquid biopsies are blood tests that ...

15.03.2024 bis 16.03.2024

Emerging Technologies in Medicine 2024

AI Experts and Healthcare Visionaries Unite. Dive into the future of healthcare at ETIM 2024, hosted by Germany's pioneering Institute for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (IKIM). Uniting ...

20.03.2024 bis 20.03.2024

GHGA Lecture Series: Advances in Data-Driven Biomedicine

Michael Baudis from the University of Zurich is the speaker in the GHGA virtual lecture series Advances in Data-Driven Biomedicine. He will present the history and trajectory of the Beacon protocol as ...

21.03.2024 bis 23.03.2024

10th Immunotherapy of Cancer Conference

The Immunotherapy of Cancer Conference (ITOC) is a European meeting providing a global platform for translational research in the field of immuno-oncology as well as a forum for discussion of early ...

21.03.2024 bis 21.03.2024

HIRO and OncoRay Lecture Series: Technology of Radiotherapy (Prof. Dr. Oliver Jäkel)

The  lecture  reviews  the  state-of-the-art  technology  for  radiotherapy.  This  includes:  linear  electron accelerators, novel robotic and ...

26.03.2024 bis 26.03.2024

6th Joint Dresden DZG Symposium

The 6th Joint Dresden DZG Symposium will take place on March 26, 2024 at the Medical Theoretical Center (MTZ) at from 1:00-5:15 pm and registration is possible from today on this website. This year ...

25.04.2024 bis 25.04.2024

HIRO and OncoRay Lecture Series: Molecular and cellular radiobiology (Prof. Dr. Nils Cordes)

Exposure to ionizing radiation induces myriads of molecular and biological reactions in a cell.  Fundamental concepts of cellular radiobiology including modes of cell death, proliferation ...

03.05.2024 bis 06.05.2024

Intercepting Childhood Blood Cancer: From Single Cells To Malignant Clones

Topics Genetic predisposition Clonal evolution Tumor plasticity & immune evasion Microenvironment & immune dysregulation Advanced imaging, deep learning & computational ...

23.05.2024 bis 24.05.2024

Brain Tumor Meeting 2024

The 12th Brain Tumor Meeting will take place at the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC) in Berlin (Germany) in 2024. The Brain Tumor meeting is an open scientific forum organized to ...

24.05.2024 bis 25.05.2024

West German Lymphoma Symposium 2024

The field of preclinical and clinical lymphoma research has seen a dramatic acceleration of progress during the last years, ranging from a molecular characterization of the disease to the development ...

05.06.2024 bis 06.06.2024

Save-the-Date: Symposium New Frontiers in Immunology, Infection and Cancer Research

06.06.2024 bis 06.06.2024

HIRO and OncoRay Lecture Series: Radiopharmaceuticals – in times of (Radionuclide) Theranostics (Prof. Dr. Klaus Kopka)

Radiolabelled  compounds  got  a  key  role  in  elucidation  of  metabolic  pathways  already  in  the  early 50th of the last ...

12.06.2024 bis 14.06.2024

FEMclub: Female Excellence in Medicine - The female leadership workshop

Auch in diesem Jahr wird wieder ein Female Excellence in Medicine (FEM) club Event zum Thema „Female Leadership“ stattfinden. Es wird ein vielseitiges Programm rund um die Themen Frauen in ...

27.06.2024 bis 27.06.2024

HIRO and OncoRay Lecture Series: Translational Radiooncology (Prof. Dr. Dr. Amir Abdollahi)

In  this  HIRO  research  focus  high  precision  radiation  oncology  is  integrated  into  curative  multimodal therapy concepts. In ...

04.07.2024 bis 04.07.2024

Save-the-date: genomDE-Symposium 2024

genomDE ist eine vom Bundesministerium für Gesundheit geförderte Initiative zum Aufbau einer bundesweiten Plattform für die medizinische Genomsequenzierung. Die Initiative genomDE hat ...

28.08.2024 bis 30.08.2024

Frankfurt Cancer Conference 2024

The Frankfurt Cancer Conference is a three-day on-site meeting of internationally leading cancer researchers as well as junior scientists and clinical oncologists. The main theme of the conference in ...

17.09.2024 bis 18.09.2024

Cambridge Lymphoma Biology International Symposium

The third Cambridge Lymphoma Biology International Symposium will bring together research scientists and clinicians  with an intererst in the biology of lymphoma an CLL. The meeting is designed ...

26.09.2024 bis 26.09.2024

Save-the-Date: 6th Mini-Symposium in Translational Oncology (MiTraC)

Information will follow.

28.10.2024 bis 30.10.2024

Save the date: 4th International Conference on Cancer Prevention

Cancer prevention research and its implementation is a global task. Through our conference series on cancer prevention, we aim to increase the visibility of cancer prevention research at all levels, ...

18.01.2025 bis 21.01.2025

Keystone Symposia: Neural Influence on Cancer, Tumor Microenviroment and Cancer Immunology

In the past, consensus dictated that nerves or neural activity were not involved in cancer development and progression. However, recent high-profile studies have revealed that neurons may in fact play ...