DKTK Researchers

One of the DKTK’s activities involves creating new long-term research infrastructure at the consortium’s locations, where high-caliber researchers can take their next career step by leading an independent young investigator group or by taking up one of the new jointly appointed grade-W2/3 professorships. There are more than 950 medical and scientific researchers within the DKTK, who combine innovative fundamental and clinical research.

You can find detailed profiles of DKTK faculty members with programm specification and research focus in the Researcher Database.

Lists with all faculty members form our sites can be downloaded as PDF at the bottom of this page. 

DKTK Professorships

Prof Dr Helmut Salih
Professorship for Translational Immunology and Head of the DKFZ Clinical Collaboration Unit Translational Immunology at the University Hospital Tübingen

Prof Dr Matthias Eder

DKTK Professorship for Radiopharmaceutical Development
University of Freiburg

Prof Dr Marc Timmers

DKTK Professorship for medical Epigenetics
University of Freiburg

DKTK Young Investigator Groups

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