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© Uniklinikum Freiburg

The partner site Freiburg with the Comprehensive Cancer Center Freiburg (CCCF) aims to successfully establish an effective translational strategy by implementing different research areas and partners from basic research to clinical application. The partner site has a strong competence in epigenetics and molecularly targeted therapies, especially in the context of hematopoietic diseases. Both fields of proficiency are supported by the Dept. Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry, and Dept. Drug Development, particularly in the design of epigenetically active inhibitors. Secondly strong competence exists in the investigation of the principles underlying the tumorigenesis. Freiburg coordinates four related collaborative research programs: CRC 850 ‘Control of Cell Motility in Development and Cancer’, CRC 992 ‘MEDEP – Medical Epigenetics’, Bioss II Area B ‘Supracellular Signaling Systems’, Priority Program 1463 ‘Epigenetic Regulation of normal hematopoiesis and its dysregulation in myeloid neoplasia’.

The department medical physics is doing research at the front of novel MR technologies while the department nuclear medicine focuses on PET and radiotherapy. Both interact in research and clinical trials with the department of radiation oncology.

The partner site’s strategy is supported by the tumor bank Freiburg that is storing FFPE and cryopreserved samples as well as increasingly liquid biopsies. The tumor bank supported 46 research projects during the last four years, closely interacts with bioinformatics and the molecular tumor board in the field of molecular diagnostics and provides patient derived cancer xenografts.

In 2015 the CCCF installed a new molecular tumor board that sets a special emphasis on personalized medicine. It is aimed to foster the application of new molecular therapies by the discussion of patient cases with failed standard therapy. Early clinical trials are conducted by a special unit (ECTU) with integrated medical equipment, chemotherapy management, pharmacology and tumor documentation. Freiburg is one of the DKFZ’s partners concerning the use of Freiburg’s Whole Gemome Sequencing (WGS). A special working group (Dr. Dr. Börries, set up since 2013) formed a bioinformatics platform to cover data analysis and modeling needs in WGS.

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