Tissue slide staining of paraffin-embedded tumors/tissues © NCT Gewebebank Heidelberg

Human tumor biobanks are collections of biological samples, such as tissue, blood or DNA/RNA, and their associated medical data. Data-rich biological samples are vital for medical research and the development of new treatments. For years, the DKTK locations have been collecting and managing substantial quantities of biological material, which is made available for research projects in line with legal and ethical requirements. Networking within the DKTK substantially increases the number of cases of suitable biological samples. This is particularly relevant for the rarer kinds of tumor, since in these cases it is often difficult to get hold of sample collections that are large enough to conduct meaningful research projects.

CCP Bio is the central working group for recording and storing biological sample data. It develops guidelines for standardized storage at the DKTK locations. It links all the participating biobanks, which comply with ethical standards and data protection rules. The CCP Bio monitors compliance, is involved in data harmonization for biobanks and coordinates quality management at the biobanks. As a result, the consortium’s researchers and physicians have access to high-quality, data-rich biological samples from cancer patients. Clinical trials for patients can also be developed based on the results of the research projects.

The consortium’s participating biobanks are listed below:



Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Michael Hummel (Berlin)

Scientific Projectcoordination

Dr. Cecilia Engels

CCP Bio Experts

  • Dr. Daniela Aust, Dr. Heidi Altmann (Dresden)
  • Dr. Katharina Jockers, PD Dr. Michael Thie (Essen)
  • Dr. Daniel Brucker, Dr. Kristina Götze (Frankfurt)
  • Prof. Dr. Alexandra Nieters, Dr. Peter Bronsert, Prof. Dr. Martin Werner, Kristin Werner (Freiburg) 
  • Dr. med. Alexander Brobeil (Heidelberg)
  • Prof. Wilfried Roth, Prof. Dr. Philipp Wild, Dr. Stefanie Zimmer, Dr. Steffen Rapp (Mainz)
  • Prof. Dr. Frederick Klauschen, Prof. Dr. Wilko Weichert (München LMU/TUM)
  • Dr. Falko Fend (Tübingen)