Networked Biobanking

The Clinical Communication Platform (CCP) serves as an information hub for translational cancer research and enables researchers to access high quality and well-characterized biosamples from cancer patients across all sites.

Networked Biobanking.jpg

Medical research and the development of new therapies depends upon well-characterized biosamples. The human biobanks of the DKTK and partner sites manage extensive collections of biosamples such as tissue, liquid or derivatives to ensure availability for research projects in compliance with legal and ethical requirements.

Beyond the scope of local biobanks, biosample related data is linked to clinical data from clinical cancer registry units within the CCP bridgeheads to enable access across sites. For researchers, the CCP provides insight into this comprehensive information via usage of the CCP tools. In addition, the CCP provides project support for various aspects of project planning and execution. If a research project involves working with biosamples, the CCP advises project leaders on the collection and reuse of biosamples and establishes contact with biobanks at project sites.

In addition, the CCP supports participating biobanks in creating a suitable framework, and in complying with ethical requirements (patient consent), and data protection guidelines. The CCP coordinates the quality management of the local biobanks across sites and additionally collaborates with national and international partners, for example in consulting on data harmonization for biosamples.

Prof. Dr. Michael Hummel coordinates the CCP’s biobanking, and Dr. Cäcilia Engels is the main point of contact.

All participating biobanks of the consortium are shown and linked below: