DKTK Core Facilities: Biobanks

© Frank Bierstedt /DKFZ

© Frank Bierstedt /DKFZ


Existing biomaterial collections and associated medical data are a result of multiple efforts of physicians and scientists that are often heterogenously documentated and stored at each site. The CCP Bio is the central supportive structure for biobanking in the consortium that connects all participating biobanks, supervises ethical and data protection issues, and coordinates the data harmonization and quality management of biobank operations. By this, biobanking technology and high quality biomaterials of well characterized cancer patients will be provided for scientists and physicians of the consortium for the facilitation of scientific projects and clinical trials.

Biobank – ZeBanC Berlin

For innovative biomedical research scientists need high-quality biomaterials such as blood, urine and tissue samples and treatment data. The biobank service not only includes all steps of the processing chain from surgery to storage but also includes services covering many aspects of tissues such as histology, immunphenotyping, RNA/DNA extraction and all steps of quality control. A major focus is the handling and storage of fresh tumor tissues. The Charité Biobank ZeBanC provides a total number of 2.5 Mill FFPE samples (10,000 cancer patients/per year = 100,000 FFPE samples per year) and 100,000 fresh frozen samples.

With the joint biobank, in which Charité and BIH invest a total of 3.9 million euros, better conditions for successful, independent and internationally competitive translational research will be provided. The new biobank building will be located at the Charité Campus and completed by April 2016.

Charité is also the host for the BMBF-funded German Biobank Node (GBN) and acts via BBMRI as a hub for the European biobank infrastructure BBMRI-ERIC.
Notably, the Charité also hosts specialized collections of tumor specimens including the Tumor bank Ovarian Carcinoma (TOC), the German Breast Group Biobank and biobanks for pediatric relapsed ALL, central nervous system lymphomas and brain tumors.