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CCP Trials is responsible for services and optimizations in the area of clinical trials.

The working group is a network of the central trials offices at the consortium’s sites, which contribute their clinical trials expertise. Numerous academic clinical trials, from phase I to phase IV, are conducted within the DKTK. The DKTK locations and their central clinical trials offices coordinate large-scale study groups on gastrointestinal cancer (stomach, rectum, bowel and pancreas), hematological malignancies (myeloma, acute lymphatic leukemia, acute myeloid leukemia, leukemia in children, lymphoma), lung cancer, gliomas, renal cell carcinoma and others (see overview of study groups). In addition, each location is involved in a number of multicenter trials. Early clinical trials (phase I , I-II or II) are conducted at special study centers. CCP Trials acts as a link between the CCP services and the local clinical experts, promoting the use of CCP search tools and helping with their further development.

The network’s joint activities include workshops on legal and regulatory aspects and practical guidance on conducting innovative clinical trials. These activities are organized jointly by the CCP, the coordination office and the Paul Ehrlich Institute (the German federal agency for vaccines and medicinal products).


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