From 30/03/2023 To 30/03/2023

Starts at 17:00 until 18:30

HIRO and OncoRay Lecture Series: Cyclotrons and Synchrotrons

  • Address: Virtual
  • Language: English
  • Registration necessary: Yes

HIRO and OncoRay Lecture Series: Cyclotrons and Synchrotrons (Prof. Dr. Oliver Jäkel)

Radiation research in oncology requires the use of high-quality sources of x-ray, electron- and ion-beams, as well as their precise control and characterization. This lecture reviews the current state-of-art in radiation sources, and discusses new advances based on both radio-frequency-accelerator and laser technologies, which promise performance improvements for fundamental research and a prospective for future clinical application.

To register, send an E-Mail to: Please use your DKTK partner site/DKFZ e-mail address for registration. PhD students of DKFZ please register online via the Training Portal.