From 06/07/2022 To 06/07/2022

Starts at 08:00 until 09:00

Challanges And Porential New Avenues In Therapeutic Cell Development

  • Address: Hybrid: Munich and online
  • Organizer: European Training Network for Optimizing Adoptive T cell Therapy of Cancer, T-OP
  • Language: English
  • Registration necessary: Yes

Welcome to the first international conference of our European training network T-OP. We are very proud to kick off our project with the amazing topic of future developments of cell products to fight cancer and other diseases. Now more than ever, the technologies improving immunity and based on cells are required.

Adoptive T cell therapy (ACT) is a breakthrough cancer treatment and is developing rapidly. An estimated 753 different cell therapies are currently in development, of which 375 are in clinical trials world-wide. The global cell therapy market is expected to reach $8.21 billion in 2025. Despite this dazzling progress, the generation of ACT products is ill-defined, especially the utilization of cytokines. This challenge will be the core of our project and 15 PhD students, so called Early Stage Researchers have just started their scientific work to step forwards in this challenging and exciting field or research.

We are delighted to welcome international experts of cell developments from academy and industry. We will raise topics at the cutting edge of current research like tumor infiltration of T cells, technologies from stem cells to improve immunotherapies or viral vectors targeted to T cell surface markers.

The conference will take place on site and be live streamed online. The registration is now open here.