From 16/02/2024 To 16/02/2024

Starts at 11:00 until 15:30

Inherited susceptibility of breast cancer – from genetic discovery to practical translations

  • Address: DKFZ, Communication Center, Lecture Hall, Heidelberg - Germany
  • Language: English
  • Registration necessary: Yes

This symposium brings together four world-leading experts in the field of breast cancer genetics, epidemiology and mammography screening. They will present the latest state of knowledge on genetic susceptibility of breast cancer risk and prognosis, and risk stratified approaches for screening and prevention.


Professor Douglas Easton         
Centre for Cancer Genetic Epidemiology, University of Cambridge

Professor Marjanka Schmidt 
The Netherlands Cancer Institute Leiden University Medical Center

Professor Montserrat Garcia-Closas 
Institute for Cancer Research London

Professor Per Hall 
Karolinska Institute, Stockholm

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