From 26/06/2025 To 26/06/2025

Starts at 17:00 until 18:30

HIRO and OncoRay Lecture Series: Cancer stem cells and radiotherapy (Prof. Dr. Anna Dubrovska)

  • Address: Virtual
  • Language: English
  • Registration necessary: Yes

This lecture will review the clinical perspectives of cancer stem cell research in radiation oncology 
including (i) the 5R's of radiotherapy in the light of cancer stem cell biology, (ii) cancer stem cells as 
predictive and prognostic biomarkers, (iii) cancer stem cell heterogeneity and plasticity of cancer stem 
cell state and (iv) development of anti-cancer stem cell therapies for tumor radiosensitization.

You can find all information on the HIRO and OncoRay Lecture Series Website.