From 04/03/2024 To 04/03/2024

Starts at 10:00 until 19:30

Essen Translational Oncology Symposium (ETOS) 2024

  • Address: University Hospital Essen, Germany
  • Language: English
  • Registration necessary: Yes

The Essen Translational Oncology Symposium (ETOS) is an event of the DKTK partner site Essen/Düsseldorf to present scientific preclinical translational and reverse translational projects  from master students up to full professors. Join us and be part of the translational research chain towards our joint goal to find solutions against cancer.

We will present around 20 talks that have the opportunity to win the ETOS Trophy (the legendary "Wanderpokal"). 

And, Marija Trajkovic (our last year's talk winner), who will you be handing over the "Grubenlampe” to? As a tradition she will moderate our first opening talk with the last year's poster session winner of 2023 -  Tim Vanselow. Tim, a master student, showed that good science has nothing to do with academic degree, but having passion for science! With over 190 participants and over 70 posters you have great opportunities to talk to the community, find potential collaborators and most importantly gain inspiring insights interacting with excellent researches around Essen and Düsseldorf during the prolonged breaks.