Interested in becoming a DKTK School of Oncology Fellow?

Target group:

  • Residents / Clinicians until finished residency (Clinician Scientists)
  • Scientists with medical background* / Postdocs up to 6 years after obtaining PhD (Medical Scientists)

*at the partner sites Freiburg, Frankfurt/Mainz and Munich, PhD students are not admitted.

Duration / Completion: Up to 3 years; completion with Certificate from the DKTK School of Oncology

Core modules: 100 hours in total

Travel grant (optional): Application for travel grants for participation on scientific conferences, workshops, seminars etc.
Research Rotation (optional): Application for a temporary research grant of up to 3 months, in Germany or abroad 
Application at the local DKTK sites 

  • Application is possible twice a year (March 20 and September 20)
  • Prerequisites: Your scientific project focuses on Translational Oncology; you are planning your further career in the field of Translational Oncology and you are supported by a member of the DKTK Faculty 
  • Apply with your CV, a motivation letter, a supporting letter** from your PI and a member of the DKTK Faculty.

**A supporting letter is not mandatory for the partner sites Dresden and Essen/Düsseldorf. 

Send your application to your local DKTK School of Oncology Coordinator.

For more information on application procedures at your DKTK site please contact your local School of Oncology Coordinator.