Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Tilman Brummer

Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

Institut für Molekulare Medizin und Zellforschung Zentrum für Biochemie und Molekulare Zellforschung (ZBMZ)

Stefan-Meier-Str. 17

79104 Freiburg


Exploitation of Oncogenic Mechanisms (EOM)

Molecularly Targeted Therapy (MTT)


Our laboratory investigates the mechanisms of oncogenic dysregulation of signalling pathways and their downstream consequences on cellular phenotypes. The functional characterisation of novel tumour-associated mutations in signalling elements of the RAS/RAF/MEK/ERK pathway and the definition of their druggability represents a major focus of our activities within the DKTK network. This work is carried out in close collaboration with the Molecular Tumour Boards of all DKTK partner sites and within the MASTER program. Tilman Brummer is a co-coordinator of the Joint Funding Pool project SORATRAM and is a principal investigator in Joint Funding Pool project Next-Gen LOGGIC.