DKTK Young Investigator Group “Radioimmunotherapie” (Dr Malte von Bonin, Dresden)

Preclinical evaluation of immunotherapeutic strategies

Immunoediting has been recognized as a hallmark of cancer and therapeutic strategies targeting immunoevasive mechanisms have been substantially improved outcome in some malignancies. We are interested in pre-clinical evaluation of novel immunotherapeutic approaches using in-vitro and in-vivo models. One emphasis is the combination of conventional therapeutic strategies e.g. radiotherapy with immunotherapeutic approaches to enhance therapeutic efficacy.

Future Projects and Goals

We have established in-vitro and in-vivo models to determine the efficacy of a switchable chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) system (UniCAR platform) to target solid malignancies. As proof-of-principle, high risk prostate cancer was shown to be amenable to cytotoxicity mediated by UniCAR T-cells. However, we found adaptive immunoevasive strategies which might mitigate efficacy of the UniCAR platform.

  • Extension of the list of solid-tumors targetable by UniCAR T-cells
  • Combination of the UniCAR platform with other targeted immunotherapies e.g. immune checkpoint inhibitors to counteract immunosubversive mechanisms of resistance and to further increase anti-tumor responses.
  • Using external beam irradiation to modify adaptive immunoevasive mechanisms associated with activity of the UniCAR platform (immunosensitizing radiotherapy)



Dr Malte von Bonin

DKTK Young Investigator Group Radioimmunotherapy
at the University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus

Technical University Dresden
Fiedlerstr. 27
01307 Dresden





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