Diseases' Task Forces

Entity specific Task Forces for a personalized cancer medicine



To cover any cancer disease and the clinical expertise in the DKTK, ten entity specific Task Forces have been established.

They are constituted with a speaker/coordinator and up to three representatives from the local DKTK sites. They are initiating new clinical trials and linking the DKTK with well established study groups. Also they contribute to the content of the CCP joint database and corresponding tools by giving advice and sharing their knowledge regarding CCP targets.

Herewith the usability is improved by transforming data into clinically oriented search items and also expanding the dataset with

  • relevant biomarkers to be documented at the site or
  • with structured and standardized information about the therapies given in trials or accordingly to medical guidelines.

Speaker/Coordinator of entity specific Task Forces

  • Neurological Oncology: Wolfgang Wick (S) (Heidelberg)
  • Head & Neck Oncology: Ulrich Keilholz (S) (Berlin)
  • Thorax Oncology: Wilfried Eberhardt (S) (Essen), Martin Sebastian* (Frankfurt)
  • Gastrointestinal Oncology: Gunnar Folprecht (S) (Dresden), Claus Rödel (S) (Frankfurt), Sebastian Stinzing* (München)
  • Breast Cancer & Gynecological Oncology: Nadia Harbeck* (München), Jalid Sehouli* (Berlin)
  • Urology Oncology: Herbert Rübben (S) (Essen), Stefan Zastrow (C) (Dresden)
  • Dermatological Oncology: Dirk Schadendorf (S) (Essen)
  • Hematological Neoplasia: Hubert Serve (S), Nicola Gökbuget (C), Uta Brunnberg*, Fabian Lang* (Frankfurt)
  • Pediatric Oncology: Simone Fulda (S), Thomas Klingebiel (S) (both Frankfurt)
  • Sarcoma: Sebastian Bauer (S) (Essen)

S/C=Speaker or Coordinator and Expertise in CCP targets
* Expertise in CCP targets (Biomarker and clinically relevant patient groups (coding/recruiting algorithm))

Multicentric studygroups and working groups linked to DKTK


  • CONKO: Charité Oncology: Gastrointestinal cancer
  • IAG-KHT: Interdisciplinary working group: Head & Neck cancer
  • NOGGO e.V.: German north-east society gynecological cancer
  • Working group (AIO, DKG): Head & Neck
  • Working group (AIO, DKG): Melanoma
  • Working group (AIO, DKG): Neuroendocrine cancer
  • Working group (AIO, DKG): Kidney cancer


  • EMSCO: The European MDS studies coordination office: Myelodysplastic syndromes
  • SAL: Study alliance leukemia: Acute myeloid leukemia


  • Working group (ADO, DKG): Skin cancer, Melanoma
  • Working group (AIO, DKG): Breast & Ovarian cancer
  • Working group (AIO, DKG): Sarcoma

Frankfurt/ Mainz

  • CWS: Cooperative study group on soft tissue sarcoma in childhood
  • EBMT – Working party pediatric diseases Stem cell therapy - childhood
  • FLOT-Study group (AIO, DKG): Stomach cancer
  • GRCSG: German rectal cancer study group Colorectal cancer
  • GMALL: German multicenter studygroup on adult lymphoblastic leukemia
  • IAG-N: Interdisciplinary working group renal cell carcinoma
  • SAL: Study alliance leukemia: Acute myeloid leukemia
  • Working group (AIO, DKG): Colorectal cancer
  • Working group (AIO, DKG): Lung cancer
  • Working group (AIO, DKG): Oesophagus, stomach cancer


  • EWOG-MDS: European working group of myelodysplastic syndromes in childhood
  • G-PCNSL-SG/Freiburger group (Freiburger ZNS NHL group): Central nervous system lymphoma


  • GMMG: German-speaking myeloma multicenter group Myeloma
  • NOA (working group of DKG): Working group neurooncology, Brain tumor
  • SDGC: Study centre of the German surgical society: Not specific


  • AG Oncology (FIRE): Stomach, bile duct, pancreatic cancer
  • AMLCG: German AML cooperative group: Acute myeloid leukemia
  • Europaen MCL: European mantle cell lymphoma network: Lymphoma
  • GLSG: German Low grade lymphoma group: Lymphoma
  • WSG study group: Breast cancer
  • Working group (AIO, DKG): Endocrine cancer
  • Working group (AIO, DKG): Pancreatic cancer
  • Working group (AIO, DKG): Translational research: Not specific


  • Tübinger Haplo consortium: Allogene stem cell transplantation with alternative donors
  • Working group (AIO, DKG): Drug development: Not specific