Connect scientists and scientific projects to the CCP

The realization of joint research projects is the aim of the DKTK and therefore, several programs were funded or co-funded spanning from laboratory research and preclinical work to clinical trials.

The CCP is supporting scientists and their planned projects in several ways:

  • Feasibility tests for planned projects via the joint database
  • Applying for a project via the decentral search
  • Ethical procedures (informed consent):
    In order to integrate funded projects, the standard informed consent in local data and biomaterial collection has been adapted and project leaders are emphasized to integrate it as an local inclusion criteria in their clinical trial enrollment. Additionally, trial patient information will be optimized to integrate data and biomaterial collection and pseudonymized distribution for scientists ("third parties") and genome sequencing as well.
  • Integrate clinical trials in the DKTK trial registry
  • Data exchange:
    Organisational, data security aspects and technical processes for the data roll back to the trial local partners are coordinated by the CCP.
  • Data analysis and data building:
    By using the CCP infrastructure projects can described and conducted within the CCP. Questions regarding clinical data on a retrospective level, collection of data for specific registries, analysis in respect of outcome or specific scientific questions are possible.

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