How to join

Access to the CCP joint database



The CCP is open for new interested parties to connect to the network.

The collection of information on clinical patient data, biomaterial data and on clinical trial characteristics is the basis of the CCP. Therefore new interested parties have to hold high levels regarding local settings as a comprehensive cancer center.

Participating institutions will be asked to keep and develop their own collections, to agree upon joint SOPs including database standards, and to install IT interfaces that allow seamless collaboration.

The following rules and regulations display our basis agreement:

  • Participating hospitals/CCCs install an IT infrastructure that allows them to contribute patient and biomaterial data for collaborative research.
  • Participating institutions systematically obtain consent from their cancer patients to contribute clinical data and biomaterial for academic collaborations.
  • They upload very limited clinical, biomaterial and trial data to a central registry. Decisions on the provision of clinical data and biomaterial for joint research remains subject to local rules and regulations. Local governance is not overruled by the DKTK.
  • They will be integrated into the CCP structure and contribute to the CCP task forces.


For more information please contact

Nicola Gökbuget, Frankfurt