CCP Coordination Office - Connecting the Experts

The CCP Coordination Office, located in Frankfurt, constitutes the central communication interface of CCP.

The Office coordinates

  • the CCP subprojects (CCP Bio, CCP IT),
  • the CCP decision boards and
  • expert groups for tumor documentation (CCP Docu) and
  • clinical trials (CCP Trials).

Initially those central and local CCP services and decision structures (“CCP Steering Board”, four “CCP modules”, eight “CCP locals” and the ten entity specific expert groups) has been set up.

Furthermore, the CCP Coordination Office

  • is dedicated to inform the whole consortium about the CCP activities,
  • facilitates the practical use of CCP tools in basic and clinical research,
  • connects expert groups for tumor entities and integrates external partners like academic study groups, cancer centers and industry,
  • supports the local CCP platforms with setting up infrastructur and
  • directly supports set-up and conduct of clinical trials, by creating standardized processes and supporting interactions with regulatory bodies.

Two new databases were generated in collaboration with the platform Core Services (technologies and key expertise) and the School of Oncology (clinical trial education overview). The CCP structure was refined e.g. by establishment of a data protection committee (with CCP IT), guidelines for user access management and definition of CCP key metrics. A project management concept and accordingly terms-of-use agreements were established.

As a prerequisite for the design of data search tools, minimal-data-sets (MDS) for clinical data (MDS-K), biomaterial data (-B) and clinical trial information (-S) have been defined and described. New catalogues for cancer entities and entity-specific biomarkers to be documented at all sites were developed. A harmonized process for patient consent with respect to the use of clinical data and biomaterials within the DKTK was developed and the necessary IRB approvals have been facilitated. A uniform DKTK-catalogue of “clinically relevant entities” was finalized.

Supporting the Steering Board

The Steering Board is the central Advisory Board of the CCP. Members of all DKTK sites are integrated with a local, trial and entity-specific expertise, strongly linked with the CCP key objectives.

  • J. Duyster (Freiburg)
  • A. Eggert (Berlin)
  • N. Gökbuget (Frankfurt/Mainz)
  • W. Hiddemann (München)
  • S. Joos (Heidelberg)
  • M. Hummel (Berlin)
  • C. v. Kalle (Heidelberg)
  • U. Keilholz (Berlin)
  • T. Kirchner (München)
  • M. Krause (Dresden)
  • N. Malek (Tübingen)
  • D. Schadendorf (Essen)
  • P. Schirmacher (Heidelberg)
  • H. Serve (Frankfurt/Mainz)
  • F. Ückert (Heidelberg)
  • W. Wick (Heidelberg)

Contact the CCP Coordination Office

Dr N. Gökbuget

Head of Coordination Office
+ 49 (0) 69 6301 6365


Dipl-Biol K. Ihrig

Scientific Project Coordinator
+ 49 (0) 69 6301 84237


Dipl-Soz A. Oehler

Scientific Project Assistance
+ 49 (0) 69 6301 86431