CCP Docu

Providing well-characterized patient data

©Jakub Jirsák/

©Jakub Jirsák/

The CCP Docu is one of four essential Task Forces to provide well-characterized patient data to be integrated into a central database.

The CCP Docu generally consists of leaderships and further experts for local tumor documentation and integration of data and therefore provides expertise in structured tumor documentation at the sites and a deep understanding in the kind of the data documented. The experts are managing the local documentation across all tumor entities and neoplasia, which implicates documentation by national and international classification standards, processes in entity specific trainings, data quality testing procedures, inquiries and analysis. These provisions are classifying all DKTK sites among the top comprehensive cancer centers in Germany, with quality-controlled data collection at all sites in the course of their certification by the German Cancer Society and in the course of the peer-review organized by the German Cancer Aid to receive the Cancer Aid’s CCC label.

As a first step a very dense dataset of patient data (MDS-K) was defined based on the already established tumordocumentation guidelines of Arbeitsgemeinschaft deutscher Tumorzentren at the sites (see Download). Out of these data a cut set was found to be eligible and useful for the central data base. This inital dataset will expand step by step with specific additional data to be documented at the DKTK sites.

The data set will be pseudonymized and uploaded to the joint database, making these data - from all DKTK sites - available for a central search for feasibility analysis of a planned project based on

  • biomaterial with annotated clinical data,
  • clinical data alone or
  • eligible patients for a planned clinical trial (central database).

Coordinating contact

For more information please contact

Kristina Ihrig, Frankfurt