From 05.05.2020 to 05.05.2020

Starts at 9:00 until 17:00

GPCF/DKFZ Ensembl Browser Course

Venue: German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Im Neuenheimer Feld 280, 69120 Heidelberg
Speaker: Several.
Organizer: Microarray Unit of the Genomics and Proteomics Core Facility (GPCF)
Language: English
Registration necessary: yes

The Microarray Unit of the Genomics and Proteomics Core Facility (GPCF) organizes an Ensembl Browser Course on May 5, 2020. The Ensembl and Ensembl genomes projects provide comprehensive and integrated sources of genome annotation. This workshop offers participants the possibility of gaining hands-on experience in the use of the Ensembl genome browser and provides them with the necessary background information. The course will be run by Astrid Gall, EMBL-EBI Hinxton.Primarily targeted at wetlab scientists, a combination of hands-on exercises along with presentations will lead the scientist through tools and annotation he/she may be able to use in the course of biological research.

The workshop consists of the following modules. Most modules consist of a presentation, followed by the opportunity to do exercises.

Introduction to Ensembl: origin, goals and organization of the Ensembl project
Worked example: guided tour of the most important pages of the Ensembl website including variation and comparative genomics data
Data mining with BioMart: retrieving datasets using the data mining tool BioMart
More on comparative genomics and proteomics: orthologues, protein families, whole genome alignments and syntenic regions
More on variations: SNP (Single nucleotide polymorphisms), InDels and CNVs in Ensembl, disease and phenotypes associated with sequence variations, structural variations, and comparison of strains (mouse), breeds (dogs), individuals (humans) using the browser and BioMart. Prediction of allele consequences on transcripts using the Variant Effect Predictor.
• Focus on regulatory regions in the genome based on ENCODE data.

Targeted audience: PhD students and Postdocs

Location: Room Montpellier, TP Conference Center, INF 582

Requirements: All participants should bring their own computer.

Please register asap, there are only a few places left in each course. For complete registration please go to DKFZ Training Portal.

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