From 18.06.2020 to 18.06.2020

Starts at 18:00 until 19:30

Biomarkers in Radiotherapy

Venue: Virtual
Speaker: Dr. Dr. Amir Abdollah
Organizer: HIRO; OncoRay, DKTK
Language: English
Registration necessary: yes


Radiation research and radiotherapy in oncology are highly interdisciplinary fields: physicians, scientists like biologists and physicists as well as engineers and computer experts are closely collaborating within the Heidelberg Institute of Radiation Oncology (HIRO) and OncoRay in Dresden.

The established cooperation of HIRO and OncoRay was awarded by BMBF as the National Center for Radiation Research in Oncology (NCRO).

To train young scientists in interdisciplinary research work is a special responsibility of HIRO, DKFZ and OncoRay. An important condition for a fruitful scientific collaboration is an active communication between researchers and consequently a common knowledge of the fundamentals of the whole field. This will be supported by this series of 18 lectures in 2 years.

The lectures cover a wide spectrum of topics from medicine, biology, chemistry, physics and technology being relevant for the research at HIRO Heidelberg and OncoRay Dresden. Each lecture will give a commonly understandable overview on a particular topic.

Therefore, all PhD students of the DKFZ, the Heidelberg university hospital and OncoRay as well as collaborating institutions and all other interested persons are cordially invited to join the lectures!


The identification and definition of molecular prognosticators and predictors for radiotherapy is an important task in radiation oncology. How could they be employed to better diagnose cancer or to stratify patients most benefiting from high-precision or multimodal therapies? This lecture gives an overview on current developments and future perspectives of biologically individualized radiation oncology.

For more information and access to the virtual meeting Room, please contact marcel.schaefer(at)

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