Selected Publications

Peña-Llopis*, S., S. Vega-Rubin-de-Celis*, J.C. Schwartz, N.C. Wolff, T.A.T. Tran, L. Zou, X.-J. Xie, D.R. Corey, and J. Brugarolas (2011). Regulation of TFEB and V-ATPases by mTORC1. EMBO J. 30(16): 3242-58.

Peña-Llopis, S., S. Vega-Rubin-de-Celis, A. Liao, N. Leng, A. Pavía-Jiménez, S. Wang, T. Yamasaki, L. Zhrebker, S. Sivanand, P. Spence, L. Kinch, T. Hambuch, S. Jain, Y. Lotan, V. Margulis, A. Sagalowsky, P. Banerji, W. Kabbani, S.W. Wong, N. Grishin, M. Laurent, X.-J. Xie, C.D. Haudenschild, M.T. Ross, D.R. Bentley, P. Kapur, and J. Brugarolas (2012). BAP1 loss defines a new class of renal cell carcinoma. Nat. Genet. 44(7): 751-9.

Kapur*, P., S. Peña-Llopis*, A. Christie, L. Zhrebker, A. Pavía-Jiménez, W.K. Rathmell, X.-J. Xie, and J. Brugarolas (2013). Effects on survival of BAP1 and PBRM1 mutations in sporadic clear cell renal cell carcinoma: a retrospective analysis with independent validation. Lancet Oncol. 14(2): 159-67.

Peña-Llopis, S., A. Christie, X.-J. Xie, and J. Brugarolas (2013). Cooperation and antagonism among cancer genes: the renal cancer paradigm. Cancer Res. 73(14): 4173-9.

Peña-Llopis, S. and J. Brugarolas (2013). Simultaneous isolation of high-quality DNA, RNA, miRNA and proteins from tissues for genomic applications. Nat. Protoc. 8(11): 2240-55.

Peña-Llopis, S., Y. Wan, and E. Martinez (2017). Unique epigenetic enzyme profiles define human breast cancers with poor prognosis. Oncotarget 7(52): 85819-31.

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